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Live Feed Updates Tuesday 7/9/13

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amanda so if i got hoh i would put up jessie

 mccrae yeah dont make any waves.

feeds 3/4 hard talkinga bout hwo aaryn  talked about the white and blck fish and how the black ones  belong on the bottom

 jeremy yeah well that takes the target off my back

 andy they called me in the DR to tel me nt to sleep on the furniture.. :duno:

jeremy they called me in at 7 am and then at 9 am

 andy i asked them  is that  what they wanted.. and then they said they would ask me some questions

 andy my longest DR is about clownie

jeremy jess is going around saying gm and nick hooked up last night

 howard i didnt hear anything.but they stay up late

 andy  i dont think anything happened

jeremy gm kisses him alot..

 andy yeah i dont think anything happened.

 jeremy i had to ask

 spencer has his hand all the way down his pants!!


aaryn gm and kaitlin join the hammock gang.. talking about scorpions.

Time to lock down this thread and move on over to a new day  :waves:  http://forum.realityfanforum.com/index.php/topic,29092.0.html


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