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Live Feed Updates Tuesday 7/9/13

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jeremy over at the hammock with howard and spencer .. jeremy i had to do damage control with judd.. and i hope you guys do the same for me.. i know people are coming for me.. i got to win the next hoh

 1/2 amanda aaryn and mccrae aaryn are they cool with y'all

 amanda i only have mccrae

 aaryn the popl that i have a re flag on are people that i cant get a read on

aaryn if jessie  won hoh she would put you up cuz of that thing i  the bathroom cuz she is scared of you

 amanda yeah that's a good  move of her

aaryn why did jess just walk in here and walk out

 mcraae ther is no way jessie would get mvp

aaryn helen said to me that she would hope that people would volunteer to be a have not..  and im not doing that..

 amanda she said that?

 aaryn yeah she said we need to come to an understanding about the have nots

 amanda it's competitions..

aaryn we'll do the hot tub tonight

 amanda yeah..

 aaryn and my favorite thing to do  is the hammock

aaryn leaves

 amanda omg i just had a lightbulb. you dont have to say anything just let them talk

 mccrae DUH DUH>> you ever watch me?

 amanda yo think jess will put me up


judd in the cockpit  with amanda and mccrae

 judd jeremy said that elissa told him and that woudnt make sense.. and i said that specner was talking  to people all day long

 amanda yeah no one trusts him
judd  i  wanted to say something..

 amanda dont  d anything i had to cover yor ass.. and he takes anxiety meds..

 judd i told jeremy to g to talk to them and they are now on the hammock..  spencder howard and him

 mccrae if they are going to flip tyhen we have to  vote out elissa

 judd is upset..

amanda if that thought came into his head then what will happen later on

judd he's a POS i just ant to punch him in the head

 amanda andy is so honest

judd im not talking game with him not more

amanda i talk to him alot and your name never comes up 


amanda if we dont trust spencer and this vote gets eff'd up then we are al eff'd..

judd i asked jeremy if  spencer said anythign.. and then jeremy asked me why  shoud  he be woried aobut spencer.. and im like he's whisterping all day long..

 amanda this should be easy breeezy..

 judd hima nd spencer talk to me..  and  keep teling me the jury.. stop talkig to me about the ffn ury i want that $500,000.. i want to win

 amanda im glad yo feel that way.. we all do.

 judd we have to vote together. you have to let me know how to vote..

 judd i'll put the pool stick down.

 amanda you are not a target..

 judd dont make myself a target.. ok cool


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