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Live Feed Updates Tuesday 7/9/13

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Random chatter in the HOH...

Aaryn saying she feels like shit

This house distracts you

She likes working out with her Ipod in her eyes and just working out by herself.

Jeremy & McCrae talking about the veto...

And then move on other random chatter.

Judd walks in

Jeremy asks if he can wear his hate.

Judd says sure, and walks to check if there is any beer.

Jeremy talking about how MC is under the table.

Spencer is trying to get more people, but that's risky Jeremy says.

Jeremy thinks they should wait to see what happens in the next HOH.

Jeremy says Amanda is smart and keeps shooting herself in the foot.

McCrae says She is worried that Nick will become MVP.

Jeremy talking about how Amanda is causing problems up in the HOH as well.

McCrae thinks Amanda is totally wrapped up in him right now, and he can control her.

Talking about who is winning HOH next week.

Jeremy says if anything happens to her (Amanda) you will know first.

Jeremy says just like Brigade has Brigade, MC has MC

Jeremy says we just have to make sure someone in MC takes HOH on Thursday, after Elissa leaves

McCrae says he wants to just keep her (Amanda) around till Jury.

Jeremy says it can be done, but she just has to stay under control.

Jeremy talking about the possibility of chopping Aaryn.

They head to the backyard

Nick & Andy in the cockpit

Andy talking about a convo he had last night in the HOH

Nick talking about how he confides in GM.

Nick says he can't speak for GM, but they typically see eye to eye.

Andy says the only thing that scares him about keep Nick, is how close to him leaving would he be.

Nick says "You wouldn't even be on my radar"

Andy says he does trust Nick

Nick says he can't read Amanda.

He says in a way Amanda scares him.

Random chatter on the hammock...

Jeremy comes over...

GM asks Jeremy if he thinks Nick is playing him out.

Jeremy says no.

Jeremy asks the girls, that if the rumors he heard about "Him playing to hard" are true.

GM & Aaryn both say they have never said that.

Spencer comes over, stands around a few, and then leaves.

Convo returns...Aaryn says with Kaitlin the convo is not about game anymore.

Jeremy says personal life is out of the game.

Aaryn says the showmance is affecting her game.

Jeremy say no its not.

Aaryn says yes, its coming between us and our game.

Aaryn says what you do affects me.

Jeremy says people are planting seeds, trying to make you scared of us.

Jeremy talks about how Aaryn is the strongest woman in the house.

Jeremy says trust him.  You aren't going anywhere

Aaryn says she doesn't want to be here till final 3, and then have some showmance ruin in my chance.

Jeremy says he see Aaryn lasting longer than Kaitlin


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