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TAR Canada 1 Contestants - Jamie Cumberland and Pierre Cadieux - Best Friends


TAR Canada 1 Contestants - Jamie Cumberland and Pierre Cadieux
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Eliminated cowboys Jamie and Pierre say stopping for cash was not their downfall on 'Amazing Race Canada'

Despite how it may have looked on TV, cowboys and best friends Jamie Cumberland and Pierre Cadieux say stopping at a bank machine did not make them miss their flight, which ultimately led to their elimination from “The Amazing Race Canada.”
“That took about two minutes and that was on the way to the airport and really that wasn’t a factor,” Jamie tells “When we got to the airport everyone was gone, we race up to the counter and (the attendant) said, ‘The next flight is in three and a half hours,’ so we knew we had our work cut out for us.”

The team was eliminated in the second leg of the “Race” in Vancouver, B.C., after not being able to catch up to the other teams, who all managed to catch earlier flights. 
Jamie, 47, from Airdrie, AB, and Pierre, 38, from Innisfail, AB, say their troubles actually began during the first leg in Kelowna, B.C., when they had trouble locating a statue of Ogopogo in Lake Okanagan. The delay caused them to check in second to last at the Pit Stop (right before that week’s eliminated team Treena Ley and Tennille Dorrington), which meant they had to start at the back of the pack in the second leg.
“Ironically when we finished we found out we were only about a half an hour behind everyone else, so we made up about three hours, so I can just imagine how well we would have done if we had got on the same plane,” says Jamie.
Other than catching the second flight to Vancouver, Jamie and Pierre don’t think there was anything else they could’ve done.
“A lot of people were really worried that we shouldn’t have quit calligraphy after the first attempt and switched the Detour, but I think at the end of the day we just went into that with the strategy – we had one attempt to try these things . . . we knew we could dance so we got it on the first attempt,” says Pierre.
But despite being behind, the cowboys never gave up, something they learned from being on the rodeo circuit.
“You get bucked off, you get back on,” says Jamie. “You try again or you get a different steer.”
Even though they were eliminated early on in the “Race,” the cowboys, who met 15 years ago at a fundraising dance for the Alberta Rockies Gay Rodeo Association, say they can’t believe how many fans they made in such a short time.
“It was really nice to hear that we made that impression in just two shows,” says Jamie. “It was really touching.”
“We didn’t think fans would actually pick us (to root for) at this point,” adds Pierre.
They also felt a lot of support from their home province in Alberta.
“We were a little worried about being ‘gay cowboys’ and I thought there might be some haters but no, there has been nothing but support,” says Jamie.

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Speaking of Alberta, the cowboys say being eliminated right before the teams head to Calgary for next week’s episode was really hard.
“That episode is going to be very tough to watch for us,” says Pierre.
“We’re going to have to have lots of cocktails to watch that one,” says Jamie with a laugh. “We’ve talked to the teams and we know what they do and it’s just going to drive us crazy (that we’re not there).”
In addition to the friendships they made on the show – namely with twins Treena and Tennille and Jet Black and Dave Schram – Jamie and Pierre say the experience has further strengthened their 15-year friendship.
“It’s just another layer we can bond over,” says Jamie. “We’ll have this forever.” 



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