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TAR Canada 1 Contestants - Brett Burstein and Holly Agostino - Married Doctors

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I enjoyed their interaction. Brett was so supportive. Holly was a bit whiny, but I would have been worse on some of those physical challenges. Nice couple.

Amazing Race Canada's Brett Burstein Provides Show Insight
The only Jewish competitor in CTV’s maiden presentation of The Amazing Race Canada last summer says that when he was 11 he decided that one day he wanted to become a pediatric cardiologist. Now an emergency room physician at the Montreal Children’s Hospital and the holder of a PhD in cardiology, he achieved his childhood goals. However, there was no thought of becoming a local reality TV star.
Brett and his wife Holly, also a doctor at the same hospital, lasted until the seventh round of the show. The finale attracted 3.6 million viewers and crowned the father and son team of Tim Hague and Tim Hague Jr. as the winners of the $250,000 cash prize.
The couple laugh at how the camera depicted them right up until their elimination in Iqaluit, Nunavut: bickering, hiding maps in an airport store and Holly suffering numerous meltdowns.
“We were unfairly portrayed,” said Brett. “The storyline was written before we even showed up. We were definitely brought there to be rooted against.
“I think one thing that maybe people don’t know through the editing process is how important it was for us to do the race, to be able to contribute charitably back to our hospital that has already given us so much.
“If we won the Amazing Race Canada, it would not have even cut our educational debt in half. We were committed to giving 25 per cent of the prize to the hospital. We love where we work and we love that they sort of supported us the whole time.”
Brett grew up in the Toronto neighbourhood of North York. Besides meeting his wife and participating in The Amazing Race Canada, he said one of the major highlights of his life was going on a Birthright Israel trip with his younger brother seven years ago.
“It was an incredible experience I will never forget,” he said.
So what is it like behind the scenes of the show?
They applied to become competitors last February and were only notified two weeks before departure after first submitting a video, doing a screen test and undergoing medical and psychological evaluations.
Since nobody was to know where they were going, the cover story was a five-week trip to China. A week before filming they were literally cut off from the world as training camp began. They were not allowed to use any kind of phones. The teams could not mix socially. When they stayed at hotels, the rooms were stripped of phones, televisions, radios and even things to read. A guard was posted outside their door and they could have one hour a day of exercise in solitude. They could not even use a washing machine, instead ringing clothing out in the hotel sink. It really was like being in prison, the couple maintain.
Despite all of this, they look back on the experience with a smile and insist that if the opportunity presented itself they would do it all again.



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