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Live Feed Updates Monday 7/8/13

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They finally go to bedroom and talk.

GM tells Nick...

Aaryn is getting pissed at Jeremy & Kaitlin and it's messing up their game.

GM says we want to throw Kaitlin out of here

Telling him how Aaryn said Jeremy is so involved he is not focus on anything else.

GM told her we are not like that.

GM tells Nick that its a big issue.

GM talking about Kaitlin now...

How she is walking around like she is "hot shit" now "...because she is sucking Jeremy's dick"

BB...GM please do not obstruct your mic

GM says shes not, but moves her hair.

GM put's her finger to her lips, Howard peeks in.

GM says that Jeremy said I love you to Kaitlin, according to Aaryn.

GM thinks she should talk to Jeremy.

Kaitlin bothers her for some reason.

Talking about how Kaitlin is acting like ever guy "sweats" her.

GM telling...Kaitlin stories about how she is trying to scare people.

Aaryn is getting up set.

GM says we want everyone focused.

Nick says he is focus, GM is focused, GM says Aaryn is focused.

Nick so let's protect here.

GM I know, she's like my little sister.

GM and Nick in bedroom talking about Kaitlin and Jeremy

GM...She's (Kaitlin) is here for all the wrong reason.

GM getting upset that Kaitlin was laughing at Nick's jokes earlier.  "Step off bitch!  I'll go flirt with Jeremy"

Nick says he isn't going to be raising and flying the Kaitlin Flag in the front of his ship

Nick says we just have to go to Aaryn and protect her.

GM talking about how everyone kind of has an "alliance" with one other person, and starts naming people.

Nick & GM head up to the HOH to tell Kaitlin they have her back.

GM and Nick's convo over, leaves the room


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