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Live Feed Updates Monday 7/8/13

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Candice sacrificed her Xavier shirt for this frying!

nick this is epic good

 candice good glad you like it

Winegate being talked about again up in hoh with jeremy aaryn and andy

 gm when yo talk to kaitlin she takes thngs seriously.

 jeremy i ws 1/2 asleep.

  gm im like yo cuz i hang arund more with guys like you.. and im funny.. and that shirt

  jermy that shirt if awesome


jeremy how was my speech

 andy it was awesome.

 andy i chose to use the POV on neither of yo.. i knew it was coming

 gm.. it was perfect

 arryn before i just wanted to talk.. and now i know dont bring anything up..  it freaks her out unless she thinks  things are perfect  she freaks

jeremy if i dont like you i can be such an asshole but trust me it want happen  in this game TOO LATE!




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