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Live Feed Updates Monday 7/8/13

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Feeds 3/4...

Kaitlin & Jeremy and Judd up in the HOH.

Kaitlin doesn't want to leave the HOH bed.

Kaitlin wants it to be 10 o'clock so she can turn the HOH lights.

Jeremy says they have renamed it "Bandit" ball.

GM comes up to the HOH to drop off Aaryn's cup, since Aaryn is up there.

Kaitlin doesn't want to play in the "Bandit" game because she has to play against Elissa.

Kaitlin says Nick is being a "cock block".

Jeremy says no he's not.

And Jessie walks in.

Aaryn walks in.

Kaitlin whining to Aaryn about having to play Elissa in the "bandit' tourney.

Kaitlin leaves...

Only Jessie and Aaryn in the HOH

Aaryn says she is going to  wake up and work out every day.

Feeds 1/2...

Andy eating in the kitchen

cut to Kaitlin v. Elissa..."Bandit Ball" in the backyard

Aaryn telling Jessie she needs to start working out and she will when they get a wake up call in the mornings. Need to eat healthier and not sit around all day

Tossing tournament ongoing outside. Currently playing are Elissa and Kaitlin

Andy and Helen eating slop in kitchen

Aaryn and Jessie plotting in HOH on who to get rid of in the following weeks

Up in the HOH...

Jessie & Aaryn chatting...

Aaryn says Kaitlin is putting "a huge ass" target on her back.

Aaryn says winning HOH with him (Jeremy) makes him look like the bigger target.

Aaryn says Kaitlin is doing out doing her in cockinesss.

Candice, Spencer, Howard are the first three that need to go according to Aaryn

Jessie asking what about Amanda.

Aaryn is scared of Amanda.

Aaryn is starting to like Spencer & Howard, and thinks they can be used.

Jessie says GM & Nick, and neither do McCrae & Amanda

Aaryn says that is something we are going to have to work on, because I have to keep you safe from them (McCrae & Amanda).

Jessie says she has been trying with McCrae and Amanda

She says he is just as guilty as she was.

She(Jessie) proceeds to tell Aaryn the story


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