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Any other players related?

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I was thinking that maybe all of them are related to a celebrity of sorts or maybe all related to someone in the reality tv family.

Jen: Wouldn't that be something! :lol: I don't think all of them are related but I do think we have one or two more that have some connection to a former cast member or like Spencer, another reality personality. 

Yes, for sure Nick  and Dan. I also live in Northern Minnesota and I've wondered if Kaitlyn and Janel are related in some way.  :lies:

That is interesting because Elissa wouldn't be the only one who tried to hide it from the other players

I haven't suspected any other player of being related thats why I asked if there was anyone specific.

Maybe this is another BB twist that they haven't revealed yet

Rachel and Elissa might as well be twins, there is no denying they are related.

For our ears sake, I am just so thankful that they don't sound the same  )-** and Elissa is not as over the top as Rachel was but you are right about them looking the same. 


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