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Who Should Be The Next MVP?

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Hi ya'll  I voted for Helen :hrt:   okay switching gears here,  I just read on another site,( Dingos) that Howard handed Spencer a bottle of wine, while both of them in the bathroom & that Spencer pied in it  :groan:  or that Spencer pied in Elissa's shampoo bottle :(      Now i hate to say this...but I think Elissa needs to go home,to a loving family :hrt:  These people are just torturing  her, she came to play.... not for this to happen.  I feel so sad for her & especially her family who is watching all of this :(    These house guests are vile people.   i don't have the live feeds but I  read every thing about BB15 & it does not make me happy :(        OH but I do love Helen,Candies,Judd,Andy & some times Amanda..  thanks for letting me vent :)  & p.s. this is the BEST BB site all rock :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:

 I meant Spencer "peed" not "pied"  ;) But now I read that it was just a rumor, but they did hide a bottle of wine in the shower..huh? these two boys are so dumb  :keeta:


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