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Live Feed Updates Sunday 7/7/13

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 :waves: BBAD started.  and sad for you, I can't seem to keep these brunettes straight so I know I won't get names right at first, sorry!  I can fill in for a little bit...

Jeremy, Aaryn, Candice, Kaitlyn (I only know her cuz Jeremy is laying on her legs) are sitting around the hot tub talking about sororities and college and telling random stories

Howard and Spencer at chess table talking strategy

I hear someone downstairs yell, you'r plans not working out....

Howard and Spencer talking so quietly even my subtitles can't pick it up!

Back to hut tub gang talking about nothing

Howard and Spencer playing chess and stealth whispering

backed up to try and get this convo and all I can get is Spencer telling Howard something  and Howard nods and contemplates and then

H: Our 4 minus aaryn is 6 to get her out, its not gonna matter after that.

then back to chess playing


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