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Live Feed Updates Sunday 7/7/13

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Feeds 1 & 2 Handkerchief   baggo  in the back yard

aaryn i cant let jeremy tell me what to do

 andy i dont think he is a bad guy but i've told him he need to calm down

 aaryn have  you noticed how kaitlin has been acting too

 andy yeah epople have been noticing..

 andy i like helen and she has my back and i dont think that psencer would put me up.

 aaryn dont tell anyone but jermy is thinkig of puting amanda up

 andy im telling you right now that im voting elissa out

 aaryn im not thinking about it

 andy i know elissa is putting up nick and

 arryn i am starting to wonder that this kaitlin thing is going to start messing things up for me

 andy if i got hoh next week i would put candice up and get her out andy isnt following what aaryn is saying.. he just wants to talk

aaryn dont tell them not even helen and them.

 andy i wont.. im being completely truthful with you helen and i have each other's back but i dont have elissa and candice

 aaryn i like helen she took all this graciously..

 aaryn i acted like such a bitch.. and i hope you can notice you can   notice a change in my attitude

andy yeah

 aaryn kaitlin has been freaking me out with the whole jeremy thing..

andy no one wud ever expect that youa dn i are working together.. like if jeremy gets hoh keep me safe and if helen wins HOH i can keep you safe

 aaryn  does spencer wants to go after me

 andy no i think that i can do a good job persuading people

 aaryn now  that my  showmance is gone

 andy your power is gone.. and i think it's time for me to make a move in this game

 aaryn i think helen would be on board with that once leissa leaves and just between me and you i already talked to helen a little about it.. and

 andy jeremy freaks me out

  kaitlin up in ho game talk stops

You know BB will find a way to make a comp out of this... :funny:


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