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Live Feed Updates Sunday 7/7/13

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Andy and Spencer plotting in the bedroom. Andy wants to keep Elissa

Candice joins Andy and Spencer in the HN room

Talking about who Elissa will name the replacement nomination.

Andy:  Katlyn jsut told me that ppl are coming up here and throwing your name under the bus...

Spencer:  whisper
Andy: basically everyone is throwing everyone under the bus.  the more i think about it, jeremy is all bullies.  we should keep allisa for MVP

Spencer:  we'll talk about this later.  I want to keep this from going around.  Im jsut trying to figure it out.   dont want to do something to jeopardise our trust

Andy: I feel like even if ppl vote to get alissa out people dont trust me

S:  I dont know I dont know

A:  like kaityln said jeremy doesnt trust me which freaks me out

S:  dude he can not trust you but at the same time that doesnt mean you're a target.  i hear them bad mouthing candace and jessie and nick and if nick violates his trust they will  after him and not give up til they get him.  Helen has something against me she's not trusting me

Candace walked in... 

Amanda, McCrae, Kaitlin and Andy chatting at BY lounge

Soencer is telling candace what he would have done in E's situation, such as GM.  Put up someone that couldnt compete and BD jeremy.  It was a lousy move, but oh well.  seems like a wasted MVP know what im saying.  You put someone up there that cant beat your ass in a competition.  I asked her this morn if she had it she told me no

Andy:  she told me too

Candace  she (E) was like what do you think i should do then later i asked her what are you gonna do and she said, how do you knwo i have it!  Its so hard to help her. 

S: what she doesnt understand is that since no one can help or trust her it almost seems better to have it open to anybody.

C:  you need to tell helen to tell her the only person she'll listen too is helen

S:  lets just enjoy the house.  wit the alcohol, everything could blow up so lets just be cool

out to BY McC on couch with A, K and Andy


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