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Live Feed Updates Saturday 7/6/13

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Jeremy and Aaryn both win HOH BBB Barbeque

Aaryn IS  HOH

Aaryn gets HOH power and got to pick the have nots

Jeremy gets to compete in next week's HOH 

Aaryn does not

Jeremy does not get an automatic to play in POV he  can only play if his  name is picked

Aaryn picked the Have Nots as Elissa Helen Candice  and Andy 

America chose Lima Beans and Liver for the Have Nots

Aaryn nominated Helen and Elissa on the block up for Elimination   

America chose Elissa as MVP

Amanda is going to make a chocolate souffle for andy

Kaitlin and Jeremy making out under the covers in the HOH

back on the kitchen crew  cooking lessons with amanda

feeds flip to nick and mccrae in the cockpit room

mccrae i think the veto is tomorrow but shit's all good man just have to figure out the minor details.

nick ohh im so tired of "my side"

mccrae wish we knew what would happen with mvp

 mccrae we only have to worry about putting up jeremy.

 nick i think everyone said no

 mccrae cuz of the votes

nick yeah

 mccrae that's so good..

feeds follow nick to the bathroom

 mccrae leaves the cckpit and heads into the ktichen

aaryn and judd are on the l/r sofa

 aaryn is beating a dead horse over the fact david is gone

 aaryn   i had to make that decision for myself i dont respect when people were just saying name..

judd when they show those pictures for the mvp

 aaryn you dont know it was so difficult to see his face.

  i'm heading off! :waves:


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