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POSTED ON AUG 7, 2013 10:10AM

OMG BBVX this weeks been crazy!!!! i can't believe I'm had the honor of being HOH!!! Its awesome my BB Bunny gave me my key hahahah soooooo awesome it was perfect !!!

the only thing that could of made being HOH perfect was having Nick here to share it with me :-(((. I miss him like crazy . but i know he's routing me on back home and is super duper proud of me … if you ever see that "Blue Hat" it means i'm thinking of you and knowing your still with me in this crazy house . Nick you made me feel so special and always made me smile and laugh. you are such an amazing guy . i don't know how I'm living here without you lol. just know i'm playing nice, staying cool, and working hard for us . i'll see you soon !!!

First night as HOH was AMAZING!!!! everyone got to see my pic and all my cool ass stuff ! Being HOH is amazing !!! but it not all sunshine and rainbows … you know you have to nom 2 house guest and thats one of my hardest jobs. but it a dirty job an somebody's Got to do it !!!

Last but not least i Finally got my hair dyed thanks to Elissa . she rocks !!!! It came out amazing . Whooo hooooo !!!

i'll leave off on this note . I coundt be happier living in the Big brother House . I met the most amazing people and maybe even found the man of my dreams ! i coundt of asked for anything more , even though theres ups and downs and you miss your family and friends back at home. I feel truly blessed for bing here and living my dreams . I thank you all so much , I may not be the best writer but i try lol. thank you to my friends and family back at home in staten island new york … thank you all so much you i love you !!! Well i guess I'm all done … i love all you BB fans… keep watching its gonna get even more wild and crazy ohhhhh and it you like think of me and give me some luck so i can be the next MVP lol. thank you all so much

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Hello America!

After weeks and weeks of competition mediocrity, here I FINALLY sit, as HOH, writing my HOH blog. It feels pretty damn good. Being able to make my mark on the house in an overt manner is something my game really needs, and I couldn't be happier with what I'm about to accomplish.

Jessie is someone who I truly love on a personal level. She was one of the first people in the house to make a legitimate attempt to get to know me, and that has not been forgotten. Her ability to, as GinaMarie so eloquently puts it, "flip flop" throughout the house is unparalleled, which makes her dangerous. It's a shame, but hey, getting rid of Jessie puts me one step closer to the $500,000, so I'd be lying if I said I was devastated to see her go.

It is now time for my favorite subject: Me! I feel as though I'm in a really good position going into next week (although I hate saying that because things can change so easily in this house). I've worked so damn hard up to this point to remain off the radar while still making game-changing moves behind the scenes, and it astounds me that more people aren't onto me. GinaMarie has liked me since day one and has pledged to keep me safe. Spencer has been my dear friend from the beginning, and although I've had issues trusting him since the demise of The Moving Company, I still think he has my best interest at heart. I do believe that covers all of my bases. I like that nobody sees me as a huge threat, because it allows me to get my work done without getting blood on my hands. Since week one I have known exactly how every eviction is going to go, and every houseguest who I have wanted to leave has left. The most crucial two evictions thus far have been Nick and Judd, and I was instrumental in getting both of them out. I wouldn't shut up about how I thought Nick was trouble, and I urged Elissa to put him up. I then campaigned against him all week, and BOOM! The Moving Company officially moved out. Judd was trying to play the entire house, which is exactly what I am doing, and since his game was too similar to mine he had to go. I started planting the seeds about getting rid of him with Amanda and McCrae and with Helen, and BOOM! Judd went packing. The Judd eviction, although it was essential for my game, was without a doubt the most devastating moment in this game on a strictly personal level. Everyone, including myself, loved Judd while he was here, and his presence has been greatly missed.

I love this game so much, and I want everyone to know just how exhilarating and exhausting of a game it is to play. The one big piece of advice I would give to anyone who is looking to come on this show is to hold your temper. While I'm sure I haven't been the most OuTrAgEoUs houseguest this season due to the fact that I refuse to scream at people all the time, I have also made it far by biting my tongue. I wanted to scream at Jeremy at least 6,000 times while he was here, as he is the most inconsiderate person I've ever met, but I didn't, and as a result it made it all the sweeter watching him walk out the door while I remained in the game. With that being said, I LOVE watching people lose their tempers, as evidenced by my girl Candice and her ability to "keep it real" at all times. The one thing people need to know about Candice is that she "kept it real" about 1 percent of the time and she slept the other 99 percent of the time, which was kinda awesome. You wouldn't see her for 6 hours, she would come into a room to scream at someone, and then she would go back to bed. I miss her.

Amanda and McCrae have been my tightest alliance since the first week of this game, and moving forward I see nothing changing. Although Amanda can be kind of an ass at times, she is devastatingly loyal, which I need at this point. McCrae is much more low-key, but his loyalty is just as valid.

I've been way too serious in this blog thus far. Woof. Let's talk about my houseguests!

David: Maybe one of the saddest evictions due to the fact that I enjoyed looking at him all day.

Nick: Good riddance. I knew he was trouble the moment I saw him, and I made it my personal mission to get rid of him. He also had the uncanny ability to talk to you for two hours and not reveal anything about himself. Phase 1: Get rid of Nick. Phase 2: There was no phase two. I can't wait to find out who the real Nick Uhas truly is.

Jeremy: If he had come into this game the way he left, he could have gone far.

Kaitlin: My girl. I hope she watches the show and knows that Judd was the reason she left. Evicting her was the first eviction that made me feel like I lost a friend.

Howard: I gave Howard WAY TOO MUCH credit. I used to lay in bed for HOURS thinking about what his master plan was. I have since learned that Howard had no master plan whatsoever. He was just a bad game player. He would use weird analogies, not look you in the eyes, and tell you he "heard everything." I love Howard as a person, but Howard wasn't made for Big Brother.

Candice: She kept it real, and I loved every second of it. I miss her. I especially love that she left in a Clownitard while screaming at GinaMarie.

Judd: My partner in crime. Although he was attempting to mastermind the entire game, I still miss him more than anyone else who has been evicted. With that being said, I am so happy he is gone from a strategic standpoint.

Jessie: She has been on the warpath after learning of her upcoming eviction, and I'm worried that I may be in the center of that path. She truly is a friend of mine, though, and I hope we can keep that bond after I become responsible for her eviction.

Spencer: He keeps me sane. He is offensive, crass, and hilarious. If Spencer weren't here I don't know what I would do. I know he will be my pal for years and years.

McCrae: McCrae reminds me of my best friend from home. Both of them are much more laid-back than me, but in being so they balance me out well. I'm very high energy and wAcKY, and having a friend who calms me down is essential in this house. I enjoy my conversations with McCrae and truly value my alliance with him.

Amanda: While Amanda has a fiery temper, she also has a kindness to her that a lot of people don't see. I really enjoy her presence, and her loyalty is such a gift. For every sex joke she makes, she also says something warm and kind.

Helen: One of the most amazing people I have ever met. Boom.

Elissa: One of the most odd people I've ever met, in the best way possible. I could write a dissertation about Elissa, but I'll keep it short and sweet: I'm OBSESSED with her.

GinaMarie: Kind, sweet, and unlike anyone I've ever met. She's a gem.

Aaryn: She can be an ass at times, but I've also seen a side of her that isn't totally evil, which I like.

I miss my parents and my dogs so freakin much. To everyone in Chicago, including my pals, my roommates, my neighbors, and my improv classmates, I hope all is well and I think of you every damn day. I hope my improv class shows have been hilarious, and the same goes for all of the improv shows I was supposed to be in this summer. The improv community in Chicago is so damn amazing, and being away from such wonderful people has been tough. Long story short: I can't mention everyone by name, but if you think I love and miss you, I most definitely do. Happy birthday to all my friends celebrating birthdays during my HOH reign. I hope each birthday is perfect. The last two shout outs I want to give are to Ragan Fox and to Jodi from Season 14 because they're my two favorite players to ever play this game.

I can't believe I've been in this house for 54 days. I also can't believe I haven't gone insane due to the people I've been locked up with. America, this is not an easy game to play. I've come to the end. I hope you've enjoyed my ramblings and observations, and hopefully this isn't the last you hear from me. I'll see you all in September, when if all goes to plan I'll be $500,000.00 richer. The first thing I'm doing with the money is taking a trip to Paris because why the hell not.

Hugs, Andy

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POSTED ON AUG 28, 2013 02:40PM

Omgoshhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe I finally am HOH!!!!! I wanted to win this sooooooo badly, I do have a HUGE BB name to live up to.

I want to thank everyone who is supporting me through this CRAZZZZZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY journey…it definitely means so much to know people love me and enjoy watching me. Thank you to my wonderful husband who I miss beyond words. I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU babe!!! Thank you for taking care of our life while I am away so I could pursue a dream of mine. Kids, thank you for being understanding while I am away. Please know I love each one of you from the bottom of my heart and I think and pray for you EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! You are my heart and my world.


Rachel, thank you for encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone and take on this new experience, it is definitely life changing. I hope I am making you proud. You have made me the proudest little sister anyone could ask for. Now that I have experienced this exciting journey I have a whole new amplified respect for you. Rach, seriously I love you sooooo soooo soooo much and I can not believe how graciously you handle life. Every single hour in this house is a roller coaster ride. It is by far THE WILDEST experience I have ever had. Rach I owe you big time. I admire and respect you so much for your accomplishments. Living in the BB house is NEVER easy. It is a total emotion fest at all times as well as uncomfortable, BUT TOTALLY WORTH IT. The BB competitions are SERIOUS STUFF! I mean they may look simple on TV but they are physically and mentally EXHAUSTING.

Rach, I have to tell you about the comps with questions, I get SUPER nervous after the evictions. I try to get into my yoga zen but I just can't get into Rachel mode. I am so used to thinking about things before I answer so when we have .5 seconds to answer, I freeze. On Thursdays', my nerves are kicked into high gear and my stomach is in knots. I need to get over it, but I am analytical. I guess that is best in the real world but not in BB. I miss having you to talk to every day. I'm not going to lie, going 2 months without my yoga mat was beyond atrocious!!!!!! Worst THING EVER. My fellow yogis can relate. My body super hurts from not having the adding cushion from the yoga mat and it is super hard to get traction on a towel. Don't judge!!! Yoga is definitely a MAJOR stress relief in this pressure cooker. I keep finding that in the social aspect my yoga mentality has totally benefitted my game but in the “athletic” and “Q&A” comps I function more efficiently when I am pumped up. TRYING TO FIND BALANCE IN THE BB HOUSE IS NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLEEEEEEEEEEE, but I try every day.

Brendon, I love you so much. Thanks for taking such amazing care of my sister. I have a whole new respect for you as a person and a man after living in the Big Brother house. The way you supported Rachel when you didn't have to is so commendable. I would pay to have gone through this journey with someone who I knew 100% had my back. I feel very alone every single day in this house and I know how much it meant to Rachel to have had you with her. OMGOSHHHHH I just think this experience is soooooooooo totally NUTSSSS. I LOVE YOU:):):):):)

Momma, OMMMMMYYYYY, wowooowwwooww!!!! Whatever Rach has told us about the BB experience you have to amplify times 100000000000000000000000000000000000000. No seriously it is that redic!!! I mean …WOW! Mom I miss you every single day. I love you sooooooo much and you are my best friend and the woman I admire most in the world. You are such an amazing woman and I hope I make you proud. I pray for you and dad every day and I thank God he gave me godly parents that taught me how to be a woman of character. I have always known that I am blessed to have a mom and dad that sacrifice everything for Rach and I. However, being locked in a house for over 2 months I realize how your beautiful nature and kind hearts have made my heart able to love and truly care for others. I realize having integrity is something that is instilled in you and I feel so lucky that God gave me you to teach me the things that are important in life. I know God has a purpose for my life and this experience has given me that much more drive to do things that make a positive impact for others -- and definitely not tear people down. I can't wait to start my life goals and I hope I am a good example for others and I hope I make you proud because you and dad deserve to be proud of the daughters you have raised. You are both (AND MY WONDERFUL HUBBY) the most amazing people I have in my life and thank you for devoting your life to protecting Rach and I and caring enough to teach us right from wrong. No matter what you see on this show, know that even if I look sad or hurt, my heart is happy. I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH AND I MISS YOU LIKE CRAZZZYYY. I can't wait to have my mentor back. I LOVE DADDY TOO! HI DADDDDD >>>>MUAHHHHHHHHHH HUGS AND KISSES!



I am so happy that I developed a relationship with Helen, she is an amazing person and such a blessing. My heart is broken that she left this house. UGGGGHHHHH. I wanted she and I to go to the end together. Unfortunately, we couldn't get the people out of this house that were detrimental to our game as a duo.

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