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Live Feed Updates Monday 7/1/13

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16 HouseGuests, 90 Days

McCrae won the first HOH "Popsicle Factory"

Jeremy won a "Never NOT Pass" ** No Have Not bed, No cold showers, No slop for his entire stay in the game**

HG's are told about the MVP

MVP's will make their decision right before the POV comp each week

Have Not comp is Cooler in a Can

Have Nots are Andy, Elissa, Howard, Helen and Judd

Jessie and Candice have been nominated on the block and up for Eviction

Elissa has won MVP for the week and has ONLY told McCrae

Elissa Nominated David and is on the block up for Eviction

POV players were HOH- Mcrae, Noms -Jessie, Candice, MVP Nom - David,  Picked-Elissa and Howard,  Gina Marie- Host

McCrae won POV

McCrae used POV on Candice

McCrae replaces names elissa as the replacement nominee

David Elissa and Jessie are on the block and up for eviction

Mccrae I hope the have nots come off have ntos.

 candice i want to make fried chicken but howard would be upset if i made it and he cant have it so im going to wait

 spencer i like dark meat

andy up in HOH now too

The Pyramid

mccrea  got the  bandana ball stuck behind the bed


Nick with the Lift on GM


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