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OMG I can't WAIT to read all the stuff in this thread. I have been sickened by GM, Aaryn, and Amanda's disgusting treatment of the minorities and the comments that have been made. What GM said to Candice on her way out the door made me see red. Thanks for all this amazing information.

Oh, I know it!!

Ginamarie; "At least my Mother liked me!"

...Say, WHAT!???!!!

OMG.... and I notice that the 'family letters' to GM and Aaryn aren't from their parents but....'friends'.


I can't WAIT to see the reactions of the HGs once they have left the house and realize what they have done to themselves.

Neither can I onthecusp. I'm actually salivating about these monsters getting what's coming to them than finding out who wins the season. There is no one left to root for except Elissa, and even though she's something of a snob, she has really good values. I don't think she'll win though. It will be someone disgusting. Probably one of the racists/bigots and then this season can go in the books as the most vile and disgusting season ever.

You and me both Debbi.

I can't wait until the HGs have seen what we have seen all season and realize how stupid they have been with their 'gameplay'.

I think Elyssa is by far the best candidate for the win.

I have a subscription to Dick at Nite and Kaitlin was one of Dick's guests on the show after the double eviction. It was kinda cool seeing her discuss the remaining house guests. She said there's no one left in that house that she likes except McCrae.


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