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It's getting ugly out there!

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--- Quote from: northernlite on June 30, 2013, 05:32:07 PM ---I am not for censoring anybody's speech. It is a reality show and this is the reality of how some people act in this world. We were all taught about stick and stones as children, besides the racial slurs are just shining a glaring spotlight on the idiots.  The nasty sexual comments are also warning every decent woman off these guys for life. 

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I get what you are saying. What I wish is that when the show is shown on air that they wouldn't edit the person that we see on the feeds.

I agree Bandit. I called him the Old Geezer all the time and actually forgot his real name.  :crazy:

I see this story made front page on AOL....  of course it could be Alison Grodners idea to drum up publicity,...  because what people see when they tune in wiont be what they are really saying in the house

it's all over the place. i will just post the links and not the whole story

So I throw on after dark last night... (4:20am ish) and not 20 seconds of tuning in.. they dropped another racial slur

There was a few people up in HOH and they were passing around that bandanna ball thing and playing a game.. Im not even sure what the game was because like i said i literally tuned in 20 seconds before hand and they said something like you have to say a K word  and someone spews out K*KE and they all laugh

I couldnt believe it.. so I turned it off and went to bed.. not sure if ill even watch this year. Watching people make race comments all season isnt my idea of good tv


--- Quote from: ugot2bekidinmeny on July 01, 2013, 07:09:23 PM ---it's all over the place. i will just post the links and not the whole story

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Was just getting on here to post the huffington post link. I  see you beat me to it  :yess: :wohoo: I am so very, very happy to see that the media picked this up and ran with it. If nothing else maybe it will create conversations in households that need to have them!


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