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with all the drug talk that he has been doing i think it's the perfect statement to release to protect all of the people that work with him  and that have families . so that he doesnt take  their life in his hands while under the influence . nonetheless all the  racial and inappropriate things that he says

The pure hatred flying around the hues is just disgusting, you can tell they are just incredibly ugly people n every sense of the word.  It is good to see that such bad behavior is not being condoned out n the real world. I just hope they learn from this. Aaryn surprises me the most since she truly seems delusional about how she is coming across. I think it will be the hardest for her to "get it" after ten game.


Another "Big Brother" houseguest is on the outs with their employer ... this time it's Spencer Clawson, whose company is already laying the groundwork to hand him his walking papers.

Clawson has been captured on "BB" cams calling one houseguest "Kermit the F**" and praising Hitler as a gifted speaker.

Clawson serves as a railroad conductor for Union Pacific, who released a statement on their website saying, "The values represented by Spencer Clawson's comments during the Big Brother show do not at all align with Union Pacific's values."

They continued, "Mr. Clawson is on unpaid leave of absence while participating on Big Brother. Union Pacific does not condone his comments."

They ended their statement by saying they are "acting in accordance with Collective Bargaining Agreement terms regarding Mr. Clawson" ... which sounds like they are setting the stage to fire his ass first chance they get.

Both GinaMarie and Aaryn have already lost gigs due to their racist comments on the show.

Big Brother 'Outs' Two Racist Houseguests to Viewers — Was It Enough?
by Matt Webb Mitovich and Rebecca Iannucci

Big Brother Racists OutedCBS’ Big Brother on Sunday night took a small yet meaningful step in bringing to the home audience’s attention the offensive comments being made by some houseguests during the after-hours live feeds.

Midway through Sunday’s episode — and after Aaryn had won the Head of Household competition — a three-minute montage of strategy talk and other discussions was played for viewers. Within the video package, houseguests such as Howard (who is African-American) and Amanda vented their disapproval for Aaryn and GinaMarie, two of the players who have been seen on the live feeds making offensive slurs.

The montage excerpted some of the aforementioned women’s racist and homophobic comments, which came to light during the first week of the new season. (“It’s like, ‘Shut up, go make some rice,’” Aaryn says in reference to Helen, who is Asian, while GinaMarie notes that African-American “Candice is already on the dark side, because she’s already dark.” Aaryn also uses an epithet to describe Andy, who’s gay.)

Side note: Per a TVLine reader poll, 82 percent said that CBS should not edit out all offensive slurs but instead let America see these players for who they truly are.

Regardless of all the “buzz” surrounding BB15 — or perhaps because of the nature of it — recent ratings have registered all-time lows for the summertime staple.

Because of the controversy, Aaryn and GinaMarie have, still unbeknownst to them, lost a modeling contract and a job as a pageant coordinator, respectively. Other houseguests on record as having made racist, homophobic and/or misogynist remarks, such as Spencer, were not singled out in the segment.

At least it's a start..... I was hoping they would play more from some of the other hg's as well-- especially at least some of the horrible things Jeremy & Spencer have said, too. UGH. Where on Earth did they get these people?? I was so, so excited for BB to start this year, and this is what we get?? I am having a hard time watching it, and even decided against the live feeds, at least for now.


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