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Here is the title of that take on the Elissa bashing...Big Brother 15 Producers Force Final Five To Bash Elissa Slater and Spare Amanda Zuckerman Learn Why

Don't really know that I believe this, but it is definitely something to think about.  I mean there has never been such extended bashing of an evicted HG before. Why are they so FILLED with HATE for Elissa?

this is the actual site.

It's just a person's guess as a writer this is not the case. also this was written  to generate hits and views to their page.  it's B S.!

The more I think about it Im sure they are trying to clean up Amanda's image. Just look at Julie interview with her, nothing of Amanda's racial attacks, barely touched upon her bullying. Amanda looked so good in that interview, I almost completely forgot what a nut she is. Also, if you believe that the DR coaxed Elissa into trying to save Amanda, why would they? They knew Amanda didn't have the votes to stay? Because Just getting Ellisa, America's favorite to forgive Amanda already made Amanda look better in many people's eyes. I am sure that Amanda an McCrae are gonna be on Amazing Race, as were Jeff/Jordan and Brenchel. This show is scripted here is another story.

I do think things are scripted, but I'm cynical. I also thought Amanda got a good interview after her eviction but there were time problems too with the DE to get in in 60 minutes. I meant to watch Friday for a further interview but forgot.  :iok  She should have gotten an interview like Aaryn did.

I think a lot of things this season have been ignored and swept under the rug. The filthy, perverted things that Spencer talks about all the time. The F bombs that are used, every other word out of some people's mouths. How they can get some of it on the air is beyond me, it must require a huge amount of time cleaning it up. The terrible bashing of Elissa is beyond just talking but borders on insanity. Why the intense hatred for her? Even after she's gone it continues.

This has been the worst season ever, far beyond The Season That Shall Not Be Mentioned. At this point I don't care who wins.

I liked the last sentence in the Grapevine article: "So, shall we take an optimistic attitude, lift our glasses of champagne in a toast to a brighter future for Big Brother!   Even when things look hopeless, hope springs eternal."

But, as I said, I'm cynical...

I don't doubt any of CBS' intent to promote 'McCranda' to appear on TAR. Amanda and McCrea alluded to this.

I also felt Amandas' eviction interview was toned down even with time constraints yet, I really felt that Julie would only let Amanda off the much.

Amanda was hideous and why CBS threw Elissa under the bus so horribly after a sister Rachel win is unforgiveable.

This idiocracy makes sense in a twisted way......the joke is at the expense of the stupid remaining houseguests who fell for this nonsense.

If McCranda show up on TAR.....I WON'T be watching and my venom will spew forth like Mt Vesuvius.


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