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Live Feed Updates Sunday 6/30/13

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Camera zooms into the airplane convo room, with Jeremy, kaitlin, Candice, Helen David, and Aaryn with small talk.

Kaitlin says playing quarters and mentions bachelor parties, and how ppl get f*ked up

Someone just paged to stop singing Elisse?

Kaitlin says she served Andy at the bar she works at before, and Jeremey proceeds to say its a small world.

Jeremy recalls the first day of school for him in grade 6 and how bad his clothes were  :funny:

Night Howie! Thanks for being here! :waves:

Nick comes up to HOH to use the bathroom.

Andy says they were just talking about Nick and GM's dynamic.

Andy asks if Amanda catches herself trying to google something. 

Amanda says no.  She knows there is no computer

Nick heads back...talking about Nick now.

Amanda says he is "asexual"

Amanda says she can't get a read on Nick.

Night Ugot!  Yw, I'll be here a little longer yet! LOL!

Amanda calling Jeremy a "dickface"

Amanda says He just rubs the whole Kaitlin thing in Jessie's face.

HOH room...

Talking about Elissa and glad they found a way to use her.

Andy says he is worried that editing could influence MVP voting.

Aaryn and Britney compared by Amanda...

Amanda says Britney kept going after Rachel and Brendon, where as Aaryn is just trying to play a sweet southern belle.


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