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Live Feed Updates Saturday 6/29/13

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16 HouseGuests, 90 Days

McCrae won the first HOH "Popsicle Factory"

Jeremy won a "Never NOT Pass" ** No Have Not bed, No cold showers, No slop for his entire stay in the game**

HG's are told about the MVP

MVP's will make their decision right before the POV comp each week

Have Nots are Andy, Elissa, Howard, Helen and Judd

Jessie and Candice have been nominated on the block and up for Eviction

Elissa has won MVP for the week and has ONLY told McCrae

Elissa Nominated David and is on the block up for Eviction

POV players were HOH- Mcrae, Noms -Jessie, Candice, MVP Nom - David,  Picked-Elissa and Howard,  Gina Marie- Host

McCrae won POV

Amanda no matter  what Elissa has to go on the block.

 amanda rachel's fans will keep Elissa in the game even though she is a hot mes and doesnt know what she is doing

 amanda i call the other group bieber fever dont tell them

 andy  kaitlin wont confirm anything with me

 amanda if we can control taht mvp vote and keep elissa safe.. then we can get of all the beiber fever and then get rid of Elissa


Andy  what if they are portraying jeremy as this hero  role

andy i think all of us collectively even gina marie  she is really  gunning for us and doesnt like  candice

 Spencer up in hoh now

 andy gina marie and jeremy just  goes off and says whats in their head ..

 amanda jermery is the guy you need to back door

 spencer he will self destruct


To the "deco" bedroom.

David, Aaryn, and Jessie still chatting away.

Aaryn tells David that if he lets something slip she will "Literally take a dull knife and cut his 'balls'" off.

Jessie & Aaryn both believe Elissa is going home.

Aaryn, thinks Elissa would be back in the house if that happened.

Feeds cut to Nick and Howard in "landing light" room.

Discussing the plan for this week, and that the plan is get David out.

Amanda what do you think about the beiber feer?

spencer  this is what i think aaryn is tailor made to be loved for america

 amanda after  mccrae won vto she said  he better watch out?

 andy i think when arryn is around  she poses for the camera

andy i was saying helen hjoward even candice..

 amanda we have to say that the only way we'll take yo off the block is if you do what we want

 andy you cant say it like that

 spencer you say to candice that she cant put you up - mccrae

 amanda i think she will  for just being faithful.. and i dont think that the bieber fever are going to put each other up and you havent really  made connection with them

 andy let me leave so they  dont think that im with you guys..

 spencer be un attach


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