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Live Feed Updates Friday 6/28/13

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They have plastic covering the bathroom seats and all. the POV players were in a sticky substance possibly honey?

Andy  and Spencer in the SR.. andy.. if she has to go  then get her out.. and the target will be Candice next wek

Spencer yeah let them be the moving target girl after girl ..

Andy oh yeah..
they join the kitchen crew

Ugot I am out  :hoot:

Elissa definitely did not win POV and I still think it is McCrae

kaitlin has a small cheery pep talk with jessie

 Still no CONFIRMED on who won the POV

Elissa did you know it was 2 words..

 Mccrae.. yeah im so stupid

 They had to find letters and spell the longest word

 Elissa i saw Davids word so i figured I may as well  try and .. i know i didnt  have as many  letters as you guys

 MC that honey  takes your energy right away

Non veto players all in kitchen talking about comp and whatnot, eating. etc

All veto players in BR getting cleaned up



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