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Live Feed Updates Friday 6/28/13

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Jessie and David talking about how BB compares to Survivor.

And Aaryn comes, "what are you all doing?"

David: "Chillin"

Random chatter.

Talking about how they wish they had something to do.

Feeds cut to "Judd and Howard" in the have not room.

Discussing McCrae and wondering what he is up too.

Judd says McCrae has to put Elissa up or he'll look really bad.

Judd thinks Candice is the better bet the Jessie.

Howard says they still have a day or two to figure everything out.

Amanda if Elissa is the MVP and we save her she is going to keep getting it and if we save her then

 andy but if we piss of that 5..

 gina marie comes in the  hoh to say what is  left  food wise and leaves

 amanda if elissa stays in the house she will kep winning MVP

 andy i think we just wait a couple of days.. ther ae people that are wonderful people.. helen howard

 andy but i dont know about gina marie

 amanda  yeah she doesnt talk game to me

 andy and then there is nick

 mccrae he doest talk game at all he just sleeps..

 andy ther are cracks  i feel that kaitlin and  jessie are both going after  jeremy, and alot of them  talk to me but i feel safer with you guys

 amanda yeah i agree.. we have the same repohrh

 andy kaitlin will tell me little things.. im like just let them talk. let them cause troubl and implode

 amanda i dont think they will put each other on the block i think they will save each other

 amanda but i think me you howard helen spencer

 andy yea and candice lieks  howard and stuff too

 andy do you know who are you taking of the block

 mcrae  i dont know candice said that  she is giving her word.. and jessie is giving me 2 weeks

 amanda  elisa is making me look crazy,..

 andy i fel that when i talk to her there is a wire that snapped or something

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