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Live Feed Updates Friday 6/28/13

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16 HouseGuests, 90 Days

McCrae wins the first HOH "Popsicle Factory"

Jeremy won a "Never NOT Pass" ** No Have Not bed, No cold showers, No slop for his entire stay in the game**

HG's are told about the MVP

MVP's will make their decision right before the POV comp each week

Have Nots are Andy, Elissa, Howard, Helen and Judd

Jessie and Candice have been nominated  on the block and up for Eviction

Elissa has won MVP for the week and has ONLY told McCrae

Elissa Nominated David and is on the block up for Eviction

POV players are HOH- Mcrae, Noms -Jessie, Candice, MVP Nom - David,  Picked-Elissa and Howard,  Gina Marie- Host

McCrae wins POV

we are back kaitlyn and Jeremy are happy

McCrae won POV I think

we're back and the cams are  staying on Howard  for a little bit..

still no word on who won POV sounds like a rough POV so far..

My feeds are down

For the brief time the feeds were up Candace Jeremy nadKaitlyn were celebrating and Jeremy says Cray Cray came here to play

Ok  more than 2/3's of the house is celebrating in the SR because they got food


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