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Live Feed Updates Thursday 6/27/13

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16 HouseGuests, 90 Days

McCrae wins the first HOH "Popsicle Factory"

Jeremy won a "Never NOT Pass" ** No Have Not bed, No cold showers, No slop for his entire stay in the game**

HG's are told about the MVP

MVP's will make their decision right before the POV comp each week

Have Nots are Andy Elissa  Howard  Helen and Judd

Jessie and Candice have been nominated  on the block and up for Eviction

and we're live!!

 MCCrea is in the HOh with David 

Girls are in the bathroom putting on makeup

Up in the HOH...

The HGs are still debating if they are live.

The think BB was going to make an announcement

More girls come up to the HOH...

Talking about how they were being turned into "Playboy Bunnies"


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