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--- Quote from: bbjunkey on July 24, 2013, 07:16:30 PM ---
I think it just shows how this group has such poor judgment and observation skills.  They tend to do the opposite of what "normal" thinking people would do.   :funny:

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You're right, they are all  :crazy:   :funny:


--- Quote from: unbelievable on July 25, 2013, 12:21:45 AM ---It just freakin bums me out !

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What does unbelievable?  :hug?:

I really felt sorry for Elissa the first couple of weeks, but think her alliance was protecting her and the deal was beneficial for both.
Lately, imo, she seems like she feels she is lowering herself to be on the show, and treats everyone as if they are peons and don't matter. I think she has been ridiculous, in some of her actions, with the other hgs, such as the earlier blowup with andy and mcc before the house meeting.
She called Kait a whore early in the game, yet Rachel had sex wih Bren on BB for two seasons, even after the backlash from the first season, which you would think Elissa would have been sensitive to.
She herself has a great body, but those over the top lips and eyelashes, can make her look comical.
She just has a very entitled air, and seems to tune out or dismiss others, such as Judd when they are talking to her.
I don't hate any of the hgs, and this is only my opinion, and I respect everybody's opinions and observations.
I'm sure it would be difficult dealing with these lunatics.

During the first couple of weeks I truly felt sorry for Elissa because she was being judged by who her sister was instead of being given a chance to play her own game. I think it was an easy out for most of the HG's because then they didn't actually have to really play, just jump on the bandwagon. She laid low and handled that with grace. I was excited when Helen won HOH because we could see who Elissa really is and how she would play her own game. I think she has had the opportunity to do that. Now that I have seen her become more comfortable in the house, I think she needs to go. Lol. I do appreciate that she stands up for herself instead of being fake, she is being true to herself. That being said, she needs to reel in the damn crazy!!! I don't think she quite understands how important the social game is, and how much lying really goes into it. As for this week, I really, really would prefer to see Aaryn go. I think Kaitlin has a dark and twisty side that I would love to see unleashed. Just my thoughts.

Lily, just read your post   :waves: . Sorry-- honestly wasn't meaning to copy you! Lol.  :hugs: .


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