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just an alert to anyone recording Big Brother tonight....60 minutes started 15 min past 7pm
didn't want anyone to miss 15 minutes!

Thanks Unbelievable!   :hrt:

I recorded it because I was away and missed  the last 15 minutes. The best part  :'(
I guess I will have to catch it online. This was one nomination I didn't want to miss.

Help me out here...feeds have Kaitlyn saying production says first time in bb history that a showmance on the block wins veto and takes themselves down to put other half of showmance up....isn't this just opposite of Rachel being on the block, Brendon won veto used it on her and he went out?  hope  if Jeremy goes out Jeremy doesn't come back in like Brendon did....
Helen sure did grasp the power....she thinks she is going to go to the end...don't think that will happen...her power high is just that....
Aaryn is feeding Amanda bs and Amanda is buying what she's selling...you watch Aaryn start spreading paranoia to Andy and Amanda and those 2 feed it to the others and the house of Helen falls  :funny:

Helen has the hoh madness that strikes them all. They forget they are not hoh all summer, but only a week. She has tried to make deals and wield power over all of them, and has offered her word to keep too many people safe.  I think many will realize they are not part of her inner circle, and that may be her downfall.


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