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Dang and I really wanted to see how Spence faired out with all those girls playing for Veto... :groan:

Weekly stats of Big Brother 15:
Week 1: McCrae, HOH, Candice & Jessie nominated, Elissa, MVP, David nominated, McCrae wins veto, used on Candice, Elissa up, David evicted 7-5-0
Week 2: Aaryn, HOH, Elissa & Helen nominated, Elissa, MVP, Jeremy nominated, Jeremy wins veto, used on self, Nick up, Nick evicted 7-4-0
Week 3: Helen, HOH, Aaryn & Kaitlin nominated, Elissa, MVP, Spencer nominated, Kaitlin wins veto, to be continued...

Is any one else thinking that Amandaneeds to go soon. 


--- Quote from: Melissa1972 on July 14, 2013, 03:32:29 AM ---Is any one else thinking that Amandaneeds to go soon. 

--- End quote ---

It's on my mind for sure! I don't think she is on the radar at the moment though.   :(

I think there a much bigger viewers' targets that need to go first over Amanda, like Aaryn & Jeremy, maybe throwing in Kaitlin, Spencer, and GinaMarie.


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