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--- Quote from: cbssoapfreak on June 26, 2013, 06:40:20 PM ---It's that time again!!! Not happy to see Ratchet's sister is on but looking forward to seeing the other HGs!! Not sure how much I can help with updates. Big things happening in my life. My 10 month old grandson was diagnosed this week with a closing valve to his heart and may need a stint put in! Heartbreaking to watch him go through this but overall he is good and they will monitor him every 3 weeks.

--- End quote ---

So sorry to hear this soapfreak. Praying everything goes well for your grandson  :hugs:

Thanks Kat!! Stressed is not even a word to describe me right now! My grand daughter just turned 2 Feb 2nd and Micha turns 1 Aug 1st!  :'(

I knew they would figure out Elissa was Ratchet's sister!! lol Kick her butt out!!

Weekly stats of Big Brother 15:

Week 1: McCrae, HOH, to be continued...

If I were Elissa I would deny deny deny  :groan: I don't want her gone yet  :gaah:


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