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Julie welcomes us to the "Biggest" Big Brother ever.

Julie tells us we will have the chance to play along, and have major impact on the game.

HGs Montage

Aaryn - texas girl

Nick- compares himself to Peter Parker

Helen - two full time jobs, a mom and working in political campingns

Spencer - competitive will do what it takes

Rachel tells Elissa she's on Big Brother. We did not need her screaming.

David - Lifeguard, thinks hes a ladies man

Elissa - a yoga instructor, and Rachel's (yes that Rachel's Sister)

Andy - teaches public speaking, claims he can lie with a smile on his face

Katliyn - claims to be too friendy, and could work out to her favor

McCrae - Wants to be the best delivery boy ever been.  Is a clown

Ginamarie -  the Pageant girl

Howard - heart of lion, eye of the tiger.  Win at all costs

Jessie - I am leader, everyone should follow me.


Next set---

Jeremy - lives on sailboat.  Irish, German, and Indian

Amanda - knows what she wants and gets what she wants

Candice - 26 found out she was adopted.

Judd - good old southernboy

Here's the "one hour to pack" montage.


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