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He's just going to be smug and sit there and let other's drool over him :lol3:

 They are trying to save the season and ratings!! :lol3:

I thought the funniest thing McClueless said in his interview with Julie was: 'I don't know what you've seen.'  Luckily for him Julie didn't answer but I will. It was filmed, and we've seen it all McC, and we've heard you bragging about it. (We mostly blocked what we could have seen to save ourselves from months of nightmares, but it's all there, on the live feeds.   )-**

Note: Revised start times (ET/CT) for tonight's CBS programs: 60 Minutes (7:50 PM/6:50 PM), Big Brother (8:50 PM/7:50 PM), The Good Wife (9:50 PM/8:50 PM) and The Mentalist (10/50 PM/9:50 PM) due to CBS live coverage of NFL on CBS: Denver @ NY Giants.

the clips from all the crying in the DR was hilarious  :funny:

Reilly Queens:
The crying in the DR was mixed. It was funny(and we got new quotes <3) but at the same time
-They were Slut Shaming Jessie
-Bullying Elissa
-Candice's shirt was the same as bedgate

and I felt really bad all of the sudden D:


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