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August 5th 7:07 pm BB time cam 1

Spencer talks about child pornography and a vile disgusting act

My God he is a vile disgusting human being

I don't think he was joking AT ALL. I think he meant every word he said, just said it as if he was being funny. Even worse, Amanda, Andy and McCrae laughed at him.

ETA: He IS a vile disgusting thing, I don't know if he is a human being though!

11:23 pm cams 1/2
Gina Marie and Andy in the storage room

GM: I got to worry about this "twat face" in jury now. she's got no class I'm not going to sit there and get ripped open ya know that's why i put her up

Gina Marie:" what a bunch of assholes they voted us this shit they are a bunch of idiots fucking jerks" cams 1/2 3:12 pm #BB15 have not food

Helen and Jessie..Helen is talking good things about Judd to Jessie so she will carry this conversation back to jury house to Judd.

Cams 1 and 2 BB time 2 a.m.


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