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Amanda and Mccrae get hitched BB style!  8/1/13 cams 3/4 1am BBT

The firestorm erupted last night...

8/2 - Shortly after 12:29PM BBT - CAM 1/2 - Jessie & Amanda fight

8/2 - Shortly after 12:30PM BBT - CAM 1/2(Spreads to all CAMS)  - Candice & Amanda fight, Helen gets in on it  (Highlight of the fight Amanda says Howard told her, that he wanted to f**k her)

Follow the feeds after the fight to CAM3/4 - HOH for Jessie & Candice bashing or CAM 1/2 Candice talking with Andy & Judd.

1:55 am cam 1   fishes with voice big nasty cat fight with Amanda and Jessie and maybe Helen

Friday (Aug 2) 9:45 pm cam 1 GM impersonation contest  :funny:  :funny:

Is Judd related to someone in the house? Amanda says she knows it's true because Allison told her. ???

July 1, 2013, 1:29AM BBT. Cam2


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