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7/30/13 HOUSE MEETING with Candice spencer Howard and amanda as the main participants!!  all cams 2:50 pm BBT

7/30/13 12:30 PM Spencer and amanda have it out in the backyard about spencer trying to get votes to get her out

Did Howard say some thing inappropriate to Amanda in the kitchen? Watch the short flashback and decide for yourself.

July 30, 5:10 BB Time Cam 3/4

Amanda tells Judd and Andy that she is creeped out by Howard that he told her: You know, when we are both out of here, I'm going to :dick the $hit out of you... You are so :dick hot. We can't hear him at all, but Amanda leans in as if to say what? And he tells her something more in her ear. She laughs and says: "Thank you!"

Immediately switch to Cam 1/2 and Amanda tells Andy and Judd what happened.

Someone else needs to verify this but I have listened 4 times and have heard the same thing...7:24 pm cam 3

Crae and Amanda are in HN room talking,  Judd comes in and Crae says "what's up my ni**a

Two Flashbacks from 7/31 - 8/1

7/31 11PM - Cam3/4 (Moves to all Cams) - HGs do the Harlem Shake around the BB house

8/1 12:59AM - Cam 3/4 - Amanda & McCrae have a quickie wedding.  The full wedding will be this week.


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