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--- Quote from: ugot2bekidinmeny on June 29, 2013, 09:53:37 AM ---6/29/13 cams 1/2 McCrae kisses Amanda in the HOH 7:15 am BBT

--- End quote ---

Oh yeah?? That surprises me.  :ascared

(Thanks Ugot and LLeif for posting the flashbacks!)  :luvya:

6/29 2:57am McCrae and Nick meet in BR (CAM 1 and 2) to talk strategy.  Nick is getting the download from McCrae since the 2 of them haven't talked for a long time.  Also they are talking about their strategy to get integrated in the 2 different sides of the house.

They are going radio silent as a group but have a code (rubbing their eye or something) to signal that they need to talk.

6/29 4:14am cam 3 and 4 Nick touches base with Spencer in BY.

6/30 1:02 am, cam 1&2, Helen and Candice talking... sounds like talking through some drama, Helen is trying to calm Candice down and ensuring her she has her back.

July 1st 12:21am (cam1 & 2) Jeremy goes on a rant, lasts about 15 minutes, then argument begins.


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