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Day 87, 09/15/2013: 10:36PM BBT Cam1/4

Andy trashing Elissa. Utter filth spewing from his mouth. I'm going to put it as a spoiler, it is disgusting but Andy's vile lies should be exposed.

Show contentHe says she was laying naked on her bed in the Rainbow room using a huge dildo. He says she told him that her sister was a dumb bitch. There is more, I'm just not going to post it.

About 1055PM BBT: Spencer talks about Elissa trashing Julie Chen and how he thought it was inappropriate to talk about a hard working woman.

In that same conversation Spencer says something extremely vile about Elissa being in the 5th grade and she performed an act with her principal and was kicked out of school, BB goes to fishies at this point  (:;) know why? because he is being investigated for the kiddie porn statements he made during the season! BB aired all the other trashy things the 3 of them were saying but goes to fishies on that statement... :gaah: Detest these 3  :meow:

I can't find enough words to describe the utter disgust I have for these 3, I include GM as well. She listens and contributes to these filthy comments and has some of her own.


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