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9/5/13 7:15 pm BBT cams 3/4  Spencer gets Elissa's bag from the SR and says Time to pack that bitches Shit!

7:48 pm BBT cams 3/4   GM comes out of DR to pack up Elissa's belonging  and looks at every label of her clothes

GM did a good job packing up all those clothes. OTOH, the guys are themselves as they watch her pack. Classless boors, with nothing but filth spewing from their mouths.

9/7/13 6:22 pm BBT cam 1/2 McCrae I think me and Amanda might have the record of most places :dick 'd  :groan:

Their parents are so proud!  :colealert:

9/12/13  1:05 pm BBT all cams but 1/4 best for McCrae's face

McCrae is told about the exterminators


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