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July 1, 1:01AM (Cam 1 & 2) Monday - Jeremy "apologizes" to Helen for his rant

Reilly Queens:
Candice hatgate was 12:54~am cam3

Candice <3 "I'm the mad hatter ima sit on your $10 hat out of jealousy"

6/3/13 cams 3/4 amanda has a meltdown cuz her possessive boyfriend is going ti find out about her  and mccrae making out 3:34 am BBT

@3:40 Amanda says her b/f has naked pics of her and that he will flip his shit

@4:49 am BBt they are making out under the covers and amanda says "you are packing some heat"

 later on they go back to "under the covers activities :ascared:

Jeremy wipes his ass with Elissa's Carolina Ball cap

Cam 3 at 6:55 BB time July 2nd

This is jeremy doing the above action ^ warning!!! Proceed with caution!!

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