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We've had a few days to read their bio's and watch their interviews.  What are your first opinions? 

Right now I think this season has some potential.  Seems to be about half and half of recruits vs real fans who applied.  All the girls are pretty and young, so can't you see some drama queens and cat fights starting up between them?  With the new MVP and 3 nom's too it should keep alliances pretty interesting too.

Along with TAR, I really like Big Brother as well, but ever since they started bringing back past house guests with new ones (BB13 & 14), I stopped watching.

I am super-duper excited BB finally got a fresh, new cast (yup, even Elissa :res:) and I WILL BE TUNING IN TO THIS SEASON! :wohoo: So here are my thoughts about the HGs:

Aaryn: She seems sweet, but I don't see her going that far in the competition or winning any HoH's or PoV's let alone the new MVP public voting twist.
Amanda: A Long Island-proud lady to watch out for. She seems feisty, ready to strategize and will be stiff competition to the other HGs.
Andy: He is adorable, but I really don't see him playing the house guests that smart to take the prize moneys. I may be wrong though.
Candice: She is a lovely addition to the season. Using varying tactics for the game could either make or break her. I'm interested in seeing how this will play out. (PRE-PICK)
David: Now, he looks chilled so he would be easy to get along with. I could see him becoming the winner of this season, even though everyone may hate it. (PRE-PICK)
Elissa: Let's put it this way... Rachel Reilly in a different body.
G.Marie: Loud and proud, let's hope she won't turn into Lydia screaming and causing havoc around the house because her voice is leaning towards "Alannoying" (ref. to TLC's pageant show) for her pageant director job.
Helen: She has an interesting strategy in her WeLoveBB cast interview, but she looks like the type who will become too paranoid that it will cause her own downfall by making everyone suspicious of her like what Annie did.
Howard: I don't think we've ever had an African-American HG like Howard. He is tough and physically capable of dominating challenges, but he'll need a good group of allies if he wants to stay in the competition, but he is likely nominated pre-veto on week 1.
Jeremy: Just no, he will take the female population of the house to his advantage and they will begin rebelling if an all-girl alliance hosted by Elissa is formed. He won't win... at all. Or at least I hope he doesn't.
Jessie: She is in a good mood 'tude in her WLBB interview. I don't like comparing to past HGs, but she reminds me of Amy (without being crazed on alcohol) for some reason from BB3 and that doesn't become a good sign unless you want to be nominated 5 weeks in a row. (PRE-PICK)
Judd: Heartfelt country boy at best and he looks like the type who will be glad to be in the house and become everyone's friend. Whenever he needs to use strategy to get ahead, wish him the best of luck.
Kaitlin: If she's willing to become a floater in the beginning, she better be prepared and rent a boat or else she will need a Rachel-approved lifevest. :funny:
McCrae: A genuine guy, he looks like a fun person to be around, but I'm pretty sure nobody will believe his pizza delivery job which will be a little disappointing. May the luck be in his reach. I'm pretty sure he will create some sneaky strategies to get himself to the final 5.
Nick: Assuming by his interview, he doesn't seem like he is capable of winning, but who knows. He could become the next Dan or Jordan playing a perfect game with zero votes cast against them.
Spencer: Santa Claus Summer! :conf: (jk), he looks like the floater type to me. Nah, unless he has gifts (as in surprising twists in game play) for the audience, he doesn't look like a person I would root for to win BB.

Interesting take on the HGs Rachel. I'm catching up on the videos..   Elissa looks good, she doesn't resemble Rachel in looks but I need to hear her voice.  :funny:


--- Quote from: TexasLady on June 24, 2013, 05:36:57 PM ---Interesting take on the HGs Rachel. I'm catching up on the videos..   Elissa looks good, she doesn't resemble Rachel in looks but I need to hear her voice.  :funny:

--- End quote ---
Her laugh in her WLBB interview is almost exactly (and annoying) like Rachel Reilly's.

I hope we don't have to hear that laugh.. :lol: I loved Rachel but if her sister wants to last, she needs to stay on the quiet side and NOT use that laugh!


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