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'Amazing Race Canada' Eliminated Contestants, Kristen And Darren, On Not Using Express Passes By Chris Jancelewicz

It's hard to believe, but one of the front-running teams on "Amazing Race Canada" has been eliminated before the halfway point of the inaugural season.

The beloved "hippies," Kristen and Darren, packed their respective bags on last night's episode. They failed to use their safety net (their express passes), which would have gotten them straight through to the pit stop. Vanessa and Celina, so far paling in comparison to the hippies' performances, used their express passes and ensured themselves another week in the competition.

HuffPost TV chatted with Kristen and Darren about getting eliminated early, their one regret, and what the hardest element of The Race is.

HuffPost TV: What, in your opinion, was the event/occurrence that most contributed to your elimination?
Kristen and Darren: We got poor directions to the first flag on the ice and it took us time to find the polar bear dip challenge, which ended up causing us to be on the third flight to Carcross.

Do you have any regrets?
Our only regret is not throwing both express passes out as soon as we could. We gave another team a leg up, and we never really intended on using the other pass. We wanted to be a part of every challenge of the Race. We were there to have a great time, challenge ourselves and win it fair and square.

What was the hardest thing about The Race?
The hardest part of the Race was relying on other people to help get us places. Taxis, directions, good intentions to help but it didn't always work out so well. Long days and little sleep made things interesting, and sprinting like crazy to make up for any lost time was always a mission. We did a lot of sprinting!

Who do you think is going to come in first place and why?
Jet and Dave. They're a strong team and they work well together. Plus we've been convincing them what a worthwhile investment our sustainable community would be for them! [Laughs]


Kristen and Darren regret giving second Express Pass away, not failing to use it themselves on 'Amazing Race Canada'By Sheri Block

It’s not easy being eliminated while still holding an Express Pass but Kristen Idiens and Darren Trapp say they don’t regret not using the pass that may have saved them on “The Amazing Race Canada.” 
The dating couple from Fairmont Hot Springs, B.C., was eliminated on Sunday night’s episode in Carcross, YT, after choosing to do the raft building Detour challenge, rather than using their pass to skip it, putting them behind all the other teams.
“We don’t regret not using it, we regret giving (the second one) to someone else,” Kristen, 32, tells “We’re wishing that we had just tossed both of them. Then it makes it a fair game for everybody.”

The team received both Express Passes after coming in first on the very first leg in Kelowna, B.C. Even though they had agreed to give the second pass to the team that came in second in their alliance (Holly and Brett) Kristen and Darren instead gave the pass to sisters Vanessa and Celina, who used it in Carcross and finished ahead of them.

Kristen and Darren, who arrived on the third flight out of Yellowknife, NT, along with Vanessa and Celina and Jody and Cory, don’t think the sisters would have made it to the Pit Stop before them without using it.
“We run faster than them, our physical abilities are much stronger than theirs,” says Kristen.
“We arrived at the events at the same time, we all got there on the last flight, so there’s no question,” adds Darren, 26.

Kristen and Darren say they actually had no intentions of using the Express Pass anywhere along the “Race.”
“Not unless it came to a really stupid challenge we didn’t want to do,” adds Darren. “If it’s a fun challenge we were going to do it.”
For Kristen, an outdoor adventure guide, and Darren, a white-water rafting guide, building a raft was definitely a challenge they wanted to do. The team just wishes they could’ve started it sooner by being on an earlier flight.

“As soon as that happened we were like, ‘This is killer. Now it’s catch up time.’ But at the same time we looked at Celina and Vanessa and the brothers, and in our experiences we already knew we could move faster than both of those teams, so we didn’t think we were going to get eliminated,” says Kristen.
In hindsight, the team says it might have been a better choice to give the Express Pass to Holly and Brett, as per the original plan, as the married doctors likely would have finished the leg regardless.
“We sort of looked back at our strategy of giving it to a team that we thought was weaker and with (Holly and Brett), they’re going to excel anyway, we should’ve just given it to them,” says Kristen.

“It’s kind of karma,” adds Darren, referring to how they didn’t honour the terms of the alliance.
Kristen and Darren, who are now working to develop a sustainable community in B.C., have experience in everything from kayaking and dog sledding to lifeguarding and doing yoga, and say their outdoor adventure skills definitely helped them during their time on the “Race.”
“Between the two of us, we have a lot of life experience . . . and I think it worked to our advantage while we were in it,” says Darren.
“Just being physically active all the time (also helped),” adds Kristen. “We didn’t train very hard for this just because our day is training. We went for a couple extra runs but that was it. Being physically fit in (the ‘Race’) is so important.”

The couple, who met around a bonfire in Fairmont a couple years ago and grew closer after working for an international children’s awareness group in Cameroon, Africa, say they are pleased with how well they worked together during the “Race.”   
“We bickered but how do you not in a stressful situation? For the most part I don’t think we fought very often,” says Kristen.
“We lived in mud huts and faced a lot of interesting challenges (in Africa) together, which seemed potentially more life-threatening than being on the ‘Race’ . . . I don’t think it’s changed anything for us.”

Didn't care for this team and their interviews make me like them even less.


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