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I think it's more reasonable to call the show "Howdunnit" not "Whodunnit."

The winner didn't pick out the murderer until the very last episode.


--- Quote from: SuperTux on August 19, 2013, 06:38:56 AM ---I think it's more reasonable to call the show "Howdunnit" not "Whodunnit."

The winner didn't pick out the murderer until the very last episode.

--- End quote ---

You are right. There really is no point in having the Killer be amongst the group if the Killer didn't have to put hints out there and the answer for who the people think is the Killer was useless in tallying the score.

imo this finale was anything but unpredictable, except for the policemen.  :funny:

Show contentYay at getting prediction right <33 But I based it off on what I thought were hints throughout the game, but now I guess a random guess would've resulted to a reasonable accusation. :lol:  :groan:

I'm so happy for Kam! And Lindsey's death was hilarious, I don't know if this sounds sadistic but I found her face funny when she got 'hit' by the arrow. lol
So what WAS the clue at the foyer at the beginning??! Show contentThat her dad was a cop? Or maybe after rewatching it, when everyone was at the sofa area chatting, with Kam's confessional VO, Cris didn't seem to be there. That she proposed the toast to explore the house? Or was that Twitter post completely unrelated?!
I want season 2!!!

Show contentThe foyer clue was that she knows how to use guns and also about she rides horses and some stuff like that. I don't know, but she said this in her Q&A she did after the finale in Twitter. ;)

About the finale, I didn't like that the challenge determined the winner, but it was very entertaining to watch. I agree with you guys that the accusations of who the Killer is should at least be a factor on who the winner should be. Lindsey should've won though, IMO. :(

Glamazon Racer:
Show contentIt is very bizarre. Making the accusations each week seemed to serve no purpose... :(
But regardless, I REALLY want a Season 2! This is the only show on TV that combines my two favourite genres - reality and crime/procedural. :P

it was so absurd, campy, outrageous, and hilarious.. and that's the reason why I love it! :lol: I'd watch a Season 2!

I really thought Melina was the killer because of her over-the-top acting :lol:


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