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I think we have series similar to The Mole! Interestingly enough, it's airing on ABC, the same channel that aired The Mole. It's basically the same as The Mole, but way creepier. :lol:

The premise (copied from Wikipedia):

The series will follow 13 investigators living in a mansion, Rue Manor, where one of the investigators is the "killer". A "murder" will take place around which the players will base their investigation using CSI technology and establishing pacts among one another. At the end of each episode, each player, in a private video confession, will explain how the murder took place. During dinner, each investigator will receive an envelope. Those who deduced most accurately receive a card saying "Spared", while those doing the worst receive a card saying "Scared" and will be up for elimination. During the night, the "killer" will "murder" one of the "Scared" players, eliminating them from the game, and setting up the "murder" for the next episode. In the finale, the investigator to correctly solve the identity of the "killer" wins $250,000.

Great show i just finished watching it like 40 mins ago hahahaha :D


--- Quote from: Joeyengen on June 23, 2013, 09:41:35 PM ---Great show i just finished watching it like 40 mins ago hahahaha :D

--- End quote ---

I'll be sure to give it a try then! New Mole-ish game <3 Maybe this will be the thing that reignites my interest in mysteries. :lol:

Very interesting premiere :P

I thought that this show was real for the first few minutes... :funny: The deaths seem so realistic!


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