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Most of the Bandung locations:
Rancaekek train station
Cikandang village Not too sure about this one. The village is on the west side of town, Rancaekek is on the east, and Bandung
   station in the middle. The point of traveling to Rancaekek (if there was a point) would be--I guess--to space out the teams with the train schedule.
Pasar Simpang Dago--elephant food--was just a couple of blocks from...
Bandung Zoo
The bird market Pasar Sukahaji
Saung Anklung Udjo
Bosscha observatory
I had no luck finding the "grand prix" bird arena.

I'm trying to find the "bird arena" too. There's a neighbourhood called Sumber Sari to the southwest of the city if you look on Wikimapia, but can you guys find the exact location?

Wrapping it up.

And a Google Earth file if you want to zoom in and be more precise. The only thing still baffling me this season is the "bird arena," I even found where in the desert they did the dune buggy...


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