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Hi Everyone well it's almost that time of the year again...Summer!  You thought I was going to say Big Brother time, didn't you?  LOL!

But, seriously if you are purchasing the feeds this year, please feel free to join us in providing updates.

It's not hard, there is no right or wrong way of reporting what the HGs say. Even a 1 sentence line will work.

Flexible hours.

No long application form needed. If you would like to join as a RFF updater, just jump in and start posting, Trust me, we all will appreciate it.

If you have questions, PM TexasLady, GeorgiaPeach, or myself we'll be happy to help. More information here:,22355.0.html   



Are you a nightowl? We have an urgent need for updaters during the night. For some reason when the HGs enter the BB House they quickly learn to stay up all night and sleep during the day. A lot of plotting is done when we aren't watching so if you could help out with some updates it would be really appreciated.  :hoot: :hoot:

We are in need of daytime updaters. Ugot is having to update all day and into the evening. If you can spare some time, please jump on and help. We aren't asking that you update like our Superwoman, Ugot, but she needs to take breaks and be able to rest and eat.

If you can spare even 15 minutes, it would be a great help. Just jump on and post what you can, don't worry about not being able to transcribe everything said or posting screen grabs. Just giving the gist of what is happening would be great!

If you have any questions, just ask a mod, they will be happy to help!

I start holidays tomorrow, so should be able to do some shifts. (that is if my old beast is a little smoother than it has been lately  :( )

Thanks TL! :tup:


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