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BB15 HGs: The Quick Guide


Fans of RFF here are the 16 Big Brother 15 HGs:

Click the Link to Learn More about each of the HGs:

1) Aaryn Gries:,28946.0.html

2) Amanda Zuckerman:,28947.0.html

3) Andy Herren:,28948.0.html

4) Elissa Slater:,28949.0.html

5) Candice Stewart:,28950.0.html

6) David Girton:,28951.0.html

7) GinaMarie Zimmerman:,28952.0.html

8 ) Helen Kim:,28953.0.html

9) Howard Overby:,28954.0.html

10) Jeremy McGuire,28955.0.html

11) Jessie Kowalski:,28956.0.html

12) Judd Daughtery:,28957.0.html

13) Kaitlin Barnaby:,28958.0.html

14) McCrae Olson:,28959.0.html

15) Nick Uhas:,28960.0.html

16) Spencer Clawson:,28961.0.html

Anton Chigurh:
Is this a all new crew? No retreads?

Anton, yes it's all new crew this season...although Elissa Slater's maiden name is actually Riley, she is Rachel's sister.  But, that is as close as we get this season to any repeat offenders, for now. LOL!


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