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Meet The BB15 HGs: Andy Herren

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With all the negative posted about this season's HG (and with this group it has been very easy), I thought I would post something positive. Below is the link to "rate my professor", an online site where students post about professors. It seems as if his students really enjoy his class and his students overcome their fear of public speaking in his class.

Andy seems to be in a good position, and if he can get others to do some of his dirty work (eliminating Amanda-Helen and eventually McRae) he has a decent shot at winning.

I had enormous respect for Andy until he stopped the ousting of Amanda when he had the chance.

He needs to dump his allegiance to Spencer too. Andy was sitting right there when Spencer made his horrific comments about 3 and 4 year olds.

I realize that Andy is trying to play a 'good game' but.....

Enough is enough and he is aligning himself with the wrong people.

"Have a care, Andy!"

Andy is spineless, no big moves will EVER come from him. I find him to be a lurking dork.


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