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Meet The BB15 HGs: Amanda Zuckerman

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I could not put my finger on who Amanda looks like but it finally came to me ...Lucy Arnez.  :whew

Anyone else hear that Amanda "may" have joined the unemployment line?  I see there are rumbling out there. 

Just put something about this in the discussion thread.  Her real estate web site has been suspended.  Most Realtors are considered self employed, but her broker could still ask her to leave the company. 

I posted an article from the HuffPost TV this morning discussing all the racist remarks she's made. The video that our new member Cassie talked about is on line with the article.,29033.msg911609.html#msg911609

So she has joined the ranks of possible public ruination.

Not surprised in the least here.

Amanda has been on a self destructive downslide for awhile now.

Total implosion.


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