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Meet The BB15 HGs: Amanda Zuckerman

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Reilly Queens:
dunno if its been posted, but someone else is unemployed!


A little over a week after we broke the news that Amanda Zuckerman was the houseguest pre-chosen to win the top prize on Big Brother due to her close friendship with the show’s producer, Allison Grodner, we can now be the FIRST to exclusively reveal that Amanda has lost her realtor license. AKA, she’s FIRED.

Fans of the reality show are saying that couldn’t possibly be the case, as Amanda works for her mother. True. But while Amanda may have a partnership arrangement with her mother, according to the state license bureau, she was actually employed by Prudential Florida (technically by its subsidiary Watermark Realty Inc., which functions as the “sales service center” for Prudential Florida, and is apparently listed as the employer for all Prudential Florida brokers.)

Her website was taken down, and her presence removed from the Boca Raton Prudential Florida website (which is the office that she worked out of.) Prior, the state licensing board had her listed as “active”, and employed by Watermark Realty.  Today, her status is “inactive, current” and there is no reference to Watermark.

We just got off the phone with the Florida license authority.  In order for a license holder’s status to change, either they must request to become inactive, or the employer of record must notify the state that they are no longer affiliated with them. AND (here’s the kicker) it takes, at most, one week for a request from a licensee to be processed and their status updated.  It can be done within seconds, if done on-line, if a form is submitted, it takes a week.) Since Amanda has been in the BB house for well over a month now, and thus incommunicado, SHE could not have requested that her license status be changed.   The only other option (according to the person I talked to) was if “Watermark” notified the state that Amanda was no longer affiliated with them.

In summary? All signs point to Amanda being gone.


I can't wait until the season is over and the exiting interviews take place.  The cockiness will be drained from them one by one.

Amanda said she expected to close on a house today.   :groan:

Paisley!!!   :<3  Nice to see you posting!

These HGs are in for a rude awakening that's for sure.


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