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Next episode of TARLA is schedule to start with a 5 minutes delay today. Is expected to begin at 9.05 local time, in around 40 minutes.

Previously in The Amazing Race Latin America...

The race travel and 6 teams travel to Santo Domingo. Leveled by an HoO. Tasks challenged the teams. Dario & Esther won the leg again. Evelyn & Jorge came in last, but it was a non elimination leg. The race continues today in Dominican Republic.


Dario & Esther depart first.

Clue: pick one of the marked cars and travel to the Kite Beach Hotel, and look for the next clue.

Dario performed 6 RB yet, the rest must be done by Esther.

Started to pouring.

Maximun velocity, 80 km per hour.

Uruguay first at hotel: Roadblock: complete a obstacle curse on the beach, with the hands tied.

Esther is doing it.

Evelyn & Jorge are traveling at 100 kilometers per hour. Venezuelan friends are apparently over the limit too.

Jessica & Michelle in second, Eze & Tobias in third.

Jessica is doing the RB, Tobias too.

Braian & Karina in fourth. Colombians in fifth.

Braian and Jorge are performing the RB.

They also have to look for a statue buried in the sand at one of the obstacles.

Pierre is doing the RB; they're lasts at the hotel.

Esther complete the task. Clue: Drive to the VH Gran Ventana Hotel at the Playa Dorada complex and check in the registration book for the next day's departure time.

Tobias is in second place.

Jessica is in third.

Uruguay at the hotel at 3.45pm.

Braian finished the RB in fourth place.

Argentina friends at the hotel at 3.48pm, Venezuelan friends at 4.00pm.

Evelyn & Jorge leaves the RB in fifth. Pierre is still looking for the statue.


And we're back.

Manfred says if we leave the race, we give everything.

Braian & Karina check at 4.07pm.

Pierre finally completes the RB.

Evelyn & Jorge check at 4.26, Manfred & Pierre at 4.30pm.

Clue: Drive to the Casa General G. Luperón Museum at Puerto Plata and search for the next clue.

Tobias says they not the best in anything but here they are.

Uruguay at the museum: Clue: Drive to the monument 27 pools of Damajagua and do the course, once done, pick a bag with coins to be used later.

Dario & Esther first at the monument. 


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